Christian Education

Rev. Gwen Evans-Chinn

(410) 889-1700

Christian Education is a ministry dedicated to continually seeking ways and opportunities to educate, inform and empower congregants in Biblical instruction through various modes, i.e. Bible Discovery, Vacation Bible School, Special Workshops and other venues.
Christian Education Ministry involves the administration and coordination of programs or strategies to facilitate the spiritual growth or discipleship of believers into Christ-likeness.

Philosophy Behind It:
A church needs to develop a sound philosophy for Christian education based on the Word of God. A sound philosophical statement is not enough, however, to experience the transformation of lives. What is on paper must be put into practice for it to make a difference. Too often discrepancy exists between what is on paper and the actual operative philosophy of the church’s leadership.

Bible Discovery Classes for all ages journey through the Bible, they focus on the study of the Word of God and its personal application in their lives.

New Members Ministry is designed to encourage new members and candidates for baptism through a four class instructional period to begin their Christian journey here at GFBC.

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